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What makes a good architectural design?

What makes a good Architectural Design?

*Aesthetic Design

Taking it into account the architectural aesthetics of the building, depending on the different styles and theme.(from Ancient to Modern)

One example is the Vancouver Farm Design.It is aesthetically appealing to attract buyers to buy the apartments.

 *Functional Design

The function or purpose for building the building.Depending on what it wishes to serve to the target audience.

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One Example is the School of Art,Design,Media and Technology.The turfed rooftop and grass have a role in helping to lower the temperature and heat,to minimize the "work" for the air-conditioner and also functioned as a public space for students to hang out.

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*Craftsmanship and Materials
The quality of the materials used for the building to be built,and the craftsmanship of the builder can affect what makes a good architectural design.


One example is the Great Pyramid of Giza,one of the wonders of the world.The pyramid of giza is made up of strong materials to survive centuries of wind,rain for example.The Egyptians also have good craftsmanship. 


A good architectural design depends on the Designer"What is the significance of the building to the designer?(The importance of the building)".Themes and Style of each building differs and varies with each individual designer.

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