Thursday, September 15, 2011

Idea of Building

Purpose of the Building

The Building was built to solve some of the many problems that HDB flats face today.They include:
1.Flooding of underground carpark
2.Noisy Environment



The Exterior of the building was made of 15 floors.12 floors of studio apartment and 3 floors of facilities for the residence.Each floor are made of a plane while the roof is made up of a semicircle with the curved surface facing the south to provide the best solar reflectance.


LEVEL 1-12

On each plane,there are 4 equally sized squares.3 of the squares are apartments while the other was the carpark,creating a "Neighborhood" theme,where the families interact with one another.On each floor there is also an acoustic barrier to absorb noise from the environment during noise pollution and also to act as a barrier.Grass were planted as the flooring of the floor for a "Neighborhood" and "Garden"theme,and also for the aesthetical appeals.There are alos benches to allow the residents to enjoy the scenery outside.

LEVEL 13-15

Level 13,is made of 4 identical guest rooms for the residence to use for special events.
Level 14,is made up of a badminton court and a spa for the residence to relax.
Level 15,is made of a swimming pool and a gym

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