Thursday, October 13, 2011


Through this architectural design,I have learnt the principles of design,the different concept of  building,the different considerations in the interior and exterior design to suit the needs of the target audience, aesthetical appeals of the building.The needs of the target audience,the influence of lighting,textiles and color on the interior design of the architecture,to create a certain "feel" or ambience to the room or apartment.Some difficulties faced during this project,was time management,the google sketchup.However,I managed to overcome all of these difficulties by managing my time,and setting up a schedule and deadlines of the end of the day,and also the objective or taget to finish by the end of day to complete 50% of the ADMT journal by monday for example.Sketchup was one of the greatest difficulties I faced as it requires a lot of time,and since my project is very large:condominium,the sketchup is very hard to finish,and a lot of time were used to add details to exterior of the architecutre,and also the interior to add "ambience" to the rooms.Putting everything as a component saved the problem,as the model became more responsive.If I were given a chance,to start all over again,I would have planned all my work properly in scheldue,on when to finish each of the proposed design.

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